Born in Leeds in the UK Deborah graduated in Fine Art – (painting) and Spanish literature from Exeter University. She then moved to London where she continued to paint and began to work as a theatre set designer.

While working for the LIFT festival Deborah was invited by Spanish performance artist Albert Vidal to design the sets for his new work. This project took her to Catalonia in Spain and there she began working with other directors (Calixto Bieito, Albert Boadella - Els Joglars, Jordi Mesalles, Andres Corchero, Ferran Madico) and companies (La Gabia Teatre, Danat Dansa) in Barcelona.

For a brief period she worked as a producer with a Spanish TV company.

Ten years ago she began to work in film as both art director and set decorator first on local productions and then on bigger international projects.

A British passport holder she has worked in a number of countries including: Taiwan, Pakistan, India, Cuba, Morocco, and Denmark.

Interested in the narrative possibilities of both colour and texture she often uses textiles as central elements of her sets.

Over the years in Spain she has discovered a talented group of professionals with whom she regularly collaborates.

She lives in Barcelona.

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